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Cooked over real hardwood coals

Oak smoked and grilled Hawaiian baby back rib
Seared and charred Carrebian chicken
Grilled Honey Dijon Pork Chops


Comforting soups and stews

European Beef Short rib soup with Kaleidescope vegitable home cooked catering


Salads made from all organic locally sourced produce.

red cabbage coleslaw with walnuts balsamic vinegar and olive oil home cooked catering

Around the World

See Michelle and Robin in-action in their kitchen cooking up a delicious meal..


Homemade, hand crafted meals

Dublin style Corn beef with garlic mashed potato and vegitable medley
Hawaiian breakfast fried egg, tri-tip with onion and mushroom over white rice
Slow-simmered beef stew with peas and vegitables over homemade mashed potatos
Seared Iron Skillet Wild Caught Salmon with Cheese -Less Pesto Pasta at Plain Yogurt Cucumber Red Onion and Fresh Mint Salad home cooked catering