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Signature Meals


Hawaiian Roll
Pineapple or Papaya Coleslaw with Sesame Dressing
Citrus-Infused Smoked-Grilled Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Steamed Brown Rice
Vegetarian Bean Pot with Collard Greens, Baby Carrots, Cauliflower, Yellow Squash and Cilantro (Organic and Vegan)
Vegan Made-From-Scratch Patty


French Bread
Baby Mixed Green Salad
Pacific-Rim Sesame-Ginger Glazed Grass-Fed Tri-Tip
Steamed Jasmine Rice
Organic Japanese-Style Vegetable and Tofu Curry with Mint (Vegan/Mild/Organic/Gluten-Free)


Sourdough Bread
Classic Caesar Salad
Grilled Assorted Sausages including Vegan Sausage with real protein such as Couscous
Spaghetti w/ Swiss chard, basil and mushroom marinara (Vegan)
Organic Seasonal Vegetable Medley

Note: Taxes and Delivery Charges are extra

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